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UDL Practical Tools

Visual (alternatives to reading)

DVDs / Movie Scripts (find text to go along with a movie you are showing)
Pasco Motion Sensor (science lab tools on the PC)
Inspiration (graphic information organizer)
Presentation Software ( such as PowerPoint, Google Slides or Open Office Impress) (free open source image editing software) (free online image editing and publishing tool)
Interactive Math Manipulatives (math concepts with graphical interactive supports)

Audio as Alternative text

Thinking Reader - Tom Snyder Productions (multi-modal content delivery and support coach)

UDL Editions (like thinking reader but online)

Audacity (sound recording and editing software)
and voicethread or (audio video clip hosting site)

natural reader free (Windows Text to Speech tools)
use with word, web pages or

Free Movie Scripts

Text to speech animator - Unfortunately ceased operations but is rumored to be coming back Winter 2015

Aggregators , Facilitators, and Time Shifters
applications that promote intensity

personal web pages (old fashioned way)
blogs ( ,
audio video hosting sites (
link aggregator |
online learning environments (ning, wiggio, moodle)
Email to Text Bridges (audio video clip hosting site)
Google Groups and Google Docs
Free E-Books (Public domain)