Other Resources

General UDL Background

UDL Guidelines Sheet

An excellent presentation by David Rose, Chief Education Officer
Chief Scientist, Cognition & Learning, CAST


Practical Class Room Stuff

Interactive Class Profile Maker Tutorial
Designed to help teachers target solutions based on your individual students

UDL Editions
Public Domain Publications - Digitized with supports and prompts

Martin Luther King in Multimedia
History content with Text, video and audio

Movie Scripts
Find text to go along with a movie you are showing

Interactive Math Manipulatives
Math concepts with graphical interactive supports

Gutenberg Press - Public domain literature project
Using text and audio together, many publications offer audio book format as well.

Also text can be read aloud with a computer text reader application.
Below are examples (both Free):

Ultra Hal Text to Speech Reader
Microsoft Windows (built in) Narrator

JAWS (one of the most well known programs but it costs $800)

Voice Thread - Group conversations around images, docs, and videos
Share pictures and record sounds to share with others