Adjusting Levels in GIMP

Levels is a useful tool to take dark or dull pictures and add contrast and drama.

Go to:

Colors Menu / Levels

Levels User Intereface of GIMP

This Tool works by allowing you to slide the Black, White and Mid-Range points of the your image.

The left most slider is the black point. Sliding its to the right increase the amount of darkness in the image.

The right most slider is the white point control. Sliding it the left increses the amount of lightness in the image.

The middle slider can make the middle tones of the photo either lighter or darker.

When you have a setting that you think you like you can Turn Preview On and Off to double check your work.

When you happy hit OK.

The key is to make a gray photo have at least some real black without making the picture too dark in the middle tones. Also try to get at least a little pure white in the picture somewhere this will add some brilliance to the work.

Before After
Potsdam Archer statue dark Postdam Archer statue brightened

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