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Using Layers to Create a Collage


Butterfly image plus a baby picture equals a baby with butterfly picture

Using Layers and the Fuzzy Selection Tool in GIMP we will make a composite image like the one above.

Step One

Copy and Paste the Butterfly image into the baby picture.

Open the Butterfly image
Hit CTRL - A (select all)
Hit CTRL C (copy)

Go to the Baby image and paste the butterfly. This will create a new layer.

Step Two

Orient the butterfly using Move Tool

Hit the M key or click the Tool circled to the right.


  Gimp Toolbox


Select the Butterfly Layer

Drag the Butterfly where desired.

Note: Now you will notice that the picture is not perfect. The background of the Butterfly image copies along with the butterfly itself. The next step will allow you to select and cut the background of the butterfly out but keep the butterfly.

  Layers Pallete

Step 3 Use the Fuzzy Selection Tool




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