MS Excel and Chocolate !
for MS Excel 2007

Learn how to data enter in a spread sheet and create a simple formula for calculations
all in a fun easy to do 1 hour lesson !

Get packets of M&Ms for each pair of students.

Have the students open the package and tally totals for each color.

Then have the students input the tallys into Excel.

Begin by typing your first name in Cell B1

In Column A, lets add the color names

Click in Cell A3 by clicking in that cell. and type BLUE. Then hit the down arrow and
enter the colors in the order provided below.







Then skip one Cell and Type “Total”

In Column B type in your numeric data.  Type number then hit Enter

Show Students how they can use the mouse or arrow keys to navigate to any cell they want.

Then click in Column B in the cell just to the right of where you typed “Total” and

Hit the Summation symbol

It looks like a big Greek E

The marching ants border will then “Guess” as to what it is that you want to add up.  Click and drag around all the numbers you want to sum  

Hit enter and like “magic” you will see a total.  Note that this formula is different than just typing the total in the cell. 
It is dynamic and will vary as the data in the spreadsheet varies. 

After you get your total your sheet should look like this


Simple Formula

Avg Per Color


Chart Wizard

Make a Pie Chart of the colors in a pack