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Microsoft Office2007
by Akira Kamiya

Office Practice Files

Word 2007 Toolbar Look

Excel 2007 Toolbar Look

Review Agenda / Check Ins (15 min)

What is Office (overview of the suites) (5 min)
Review file formats

Part 1- Intro to MS Word 2007 (20 min)

New Interface – Where is everything? explain MS mapping tools

Office Button
Quick Access Toolbar
Tabbed Ribbon Interface (hide/show with double click)
Page Setup – Orientation and Margins, Line Spacing etc.
What is a template?
Normal Template editing
Some info about how to edit your Normal Template

Basic Mouse Control (This activity practices mouse control and use of backspace and delete keys)

Open Mouse Control Practice Worksheet - This activity will help student to learn basic mouse motion and Delete and Backspace Keys
see Office Practice Files above

Basic Data Control (15 min)
Cut, Copy and Paste (via the keyboard)

To Cut Text from a document
Select text using your mouse (click and drag) Then hit CTRL + X

To Copy Text
Select text using your mouse (click and drag) Then hit CTRL + C

To Paste Text
Select text using your mouse (click and drag) Then hit CTRL + V

Practice this: Open "Sample Starter file.dot" to practice text selection and manipulation
Use these keyboard shortcuts to work on document. These are critical time saving skills!

Pointer and Keyboard Basics Demo on Raw (10 min)
Select line (point cursor to left of line and click)
Select word (double click the word)
Make BOLD (Ctrl-B)
Select all (CTRL-A)
Save Document (Ctrl-S)

15 minute relaxation break !


More things and Practice Activity (45 min)

Using Help (question mark top right corner)
Basic Formatting (Home Tab)
Format Painter (Home Tab / Clipboard Section)
Page Breaks (Insert Tab / Page Break)
Headers and Footers (Insert Tab / Header or Footer / Edit at bottom)
* Text Boxes and Borders (Insert Tab / Text Box)
* Newspaper Style Columns (Page Layout Tab / Columns)

*Time permitting


Main WORD Practice Activity

option one

Go to sabes.org/boston/akira/intro_office

Open the document called washpost_raw.doc
Change the font for the entire document to Arial.
Make the headline: point 14 and Bold.
Make the margin 1 inch for both left and right sides.

Create a Footer that says:

Reprinted from Washington Post By Tom Shales Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Extra: Can you create this document as a two column article with a single head line and byline at top ?

option two

Make a Flyer…

One page 8.5 x 11
Either Portrait or Landscape
Be legible from 10 ft away

Title and image (find image on internet via Google/ images)
Date Time and Place
Directions or Web info


Microsoft Excel and M&Ms