Customizing the MS Word environment for low level English learners

Some of the things that Microsoft has built into Word to help people are in many
ways detrimental for lower level English learners.

For instance see a sample of writing below:

An image of red squiggle lines under  word processed text

For someone who is struggling to organize their thoughts into words and sentences having
Word offer spelling and grammar corrections is as you type has to be enormously distracting.

Obviously this Spelling and Grammar Tool is useful, but not for our situation at this

The beginning student's focus at this point should be solely on content not form.
Have the student get the thoughts as words out there on the page first. Once their thoughts
are rendered on the page then later spelling and grammar can be looked at.

In addition, a "live" teacher can offer context here that will be more constructive than lots
of red or green squiggled lines ungraciously splattered across one's initial hard work.

Click here to see how to

Turn off Spelling and Grammar Auto-Check Version 2007

turn off Spelling and Grammar Auto-Check Version 2003