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Microsoft Windows  How To
Quick Reference

Resize a Window

Use the 3 buttons on the upper right hand corner of your window

Minimize will hide window on Task Bar

Maximize – Will fill entire screen

Restore – Will return window to original size     

Custom size – Click and drag resize corner ( lower right hand corner )


Create a New Folder

Go to File Menu / Select: New / Folder

or Right Click in any window and then click New / Folder

then enter text to name it and hit enter


Rename a Folder

Click once on folder title below icon / type in new name

Or right click the folder and select Rename


Move a file or folder

From one folder to another

Go to My Computer and locate source folder

Open source folder and resize the window to allow space for 2nd window of target folder

Open windows till you can locate target folder 

Resize 2nd window so both source window and Target window are side by side

Drag source file or folder on to target folder and drop


Copy file on Hard Drive (C:) to Floppy Disk (A:)

Open My Computer and locate file *

Right click icon of source file and select Send To /  3.5 “ A: floppy drive


Finding Files

If you have trouble finding a file push the F3 function button at the top

This will launch Windows FIND utility.  In the Named: field  you can enter a string of characters that  you suppose exist in the title.

In the Look In: field select C: drive from the Pull  Down Menu.

Changing Your View in Windows

To change how files and folders look in a windowThere are several alternatives on how things look in a windowGo to the View Menu of current window and either select Large IconsSmall IconList Details

Microsoft Windows  How To Quick Reference

Text Editing

To cut text from a document

Select text using your mouse (click and drag)

Then hit CTRL + X

To Copy Text

Select text using your mouse (click and drag)

Then hit CTRL + C

To Paste Text

Select text using your mouse (click and drag)

Then hit CTRL + V