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A Day at the Zoo – Windows File Management
Intro to Computers Main Exercise

click here for PDF Handout version

Requires a computer with Windows Operating System
Assumes 1 user per computer, but can be adapted easily for 2 per comp.
Assumes basic mouse skills (click, right click, click and drag) If you need help with this
see here,
Intro to Computers Basic Basics

Additional Handout for Students - Windows How To Quick Reference

Learning Objectives

Be able to create a simple Word Document
Be able to Save a simple word document, knowing its name and location
Be able to create and name folders
Be able to move files and folders around using click and drag or copy and paste

Demo on screen then have users try:

A folder window with tow other folders inside it

Create one  folder on your Desktop
Name it “Zoo”
(Use Right click method / New / Folder)

Inside this folder
create two other folders called

Then create at least 4-5 word docs (repetition is key do more if needed)
containing the name of an animal (reptile, mammal etc...)
File name should be the same as the animal name.

A Word doc with the text LION in it

Then have them file it using the Save Dialog box.
When mistakes are made, have the students find the file visually in Windows and then re-file the file using click and drag OR also Cut and Paste to file the file correctly.

Save AS Dialog box

Take your time on this. Knowing the resulting file name and its location is the essence of using a computer.

Advanced task - Creating a Folder as you Save:
Create a word doc with the word : Shark
Then create a new category folder: FISH

Next using the SAVE dialog box only. 
Hint: use Create New Folder button along top tool bar.

Creat Folder button