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General Web Resources

Dave’s ESL Café Student Web boards:  www.eslcafe.com

Free E-Mail


Basic Free Tools
Graphics Editing
GIMP (open source) – gimp.org

Audio recorder and editor
            Audacity (open source) - audacity.sourceforge.net

Text to Speech Readers

Read Aloud
Read Aloud is a free Text to Speech software that reads aloud text from Web Pages or any text you input to the Textpad

Social Network Sites
           Ning.Com (minimum cost $2.95/month / 30 days free)

UDL Related
UDL Editions take advantage of the flexibility of digital media to reach and engage all learners. Leveled supports and the Texthelp Toolbar balance challenge and support for each learner, ages 10 and up. Select your book to get started!


ESOL specific resources           

Dave’s ESL Café Student Web boards: http://forums.eslcafe.com/student
A good and “safer” place for lower Level English Learners


THE LEARNING EDGE An interactive adult literacy  e-newspaper with text-to-speech (i.e., students can have the computer read all  the text aloud) that contains student writings, math activities, Internet  treasure hunts, a quick Search Engine tutorial, and interesting articles with  associated learning activities in comprehension and vocabulary.  A total  of 6 (maybe more now) issues are available online.  (Click on “Back  Issues” for previous issues.)

Cyber Listening Lab for all levels.  This is a  wonderful site with lots of audio files for listening activities and accent  reduction practice.

The California Distance Learning Project contains a  vast array of great stories with a well-functioning listening component.   Students can hear the story read as they read along on the screen.   Each story is followed by interactive vocabulary exercises and  comprehension questions.  Great site!  http://www.cdlponline.org/

Quia <http://www.quia.com> .  It's free to students, and there are lots of good things already on there and publicly available. With a paid account teachers can make their own exercises and web pages.  Here's one by Wendy Quinones:  http://www.quia.com/pages/clcwriting.html

ABE Related - WebQuests
Webquests are interactive projects in which a learner must use critical thinking skills, problem analysis and communication skills. They also require a great deal of creative thinking and analytical skills to complete. They are highly adaptable teaching tools that can be used with young children or adults with the right combination of tasks and sources and give learners an opportunity to practice English doing authentic tasks.

Here is a good place to start

Web Quests

Travel the United States

Teacher Sites
Media Awareness Network (Canada)
Media Awareness Lesson Plans

New Computer Users
Mouse practice skill builders

There's clicking and dragging/dropping practice on this page, and at the bottom of the page there's a link to a download for more mouse practice. Really nice, and entertaining:

Students can use the mouse to copy capital/small letters, numbers, or anything, in different colors: