Akira Kamiya -Educational Technology Consulting

I have a B.A. in Mathematics but most of my teaching and technical expertise has been acquired on through my extensive and varied work experience.

At Cayman Systems, as a technical sales representative, in an effort to communicate on equal footing with engineering professionals, I had myself study office network technology and TCP/IP at a level comparable to a network technician. I found I was a much more successful sales person if I could speak their language convincingly. But after awhile I found that I wanted to do more than have conversations and sell equipment.

After I left Sales work, I started working at Somerville Community Access TV as a video production trainer. There I discovered that I had a natural inclination towards teaching and communicating with other adult learners about technical topics related to television production. I devoted my own professional development time into learning more about the work of video production and post production. This spun off to allow me to do production work under own own company, Blue Horse Video. Through which I have been able to produce work for a variety of organizations from Shriners Children's Hospital, Assembly Square Mall, Emerson Majestic Theater, and Madison Park Development Corporation.

After this I took on work at SABES, the System for Adult Basic Education Support, as their Educational Technology Coordinator. Here I was able to design and develop trainings to meet the needs teachers and tech coordinators dealing with the new challenges of how to integrate the computers, smart phones, and the Internet with the needs of class room teaching. Here one of my main objectives was to develop training videos to use in moodle courses on a number of technology topics for teachers. This required working in a much shorter form and understanding the compression process to allow the product to be web delivered in variety formats for various purposes.

To summarize, I believe my main strength is that I have a very broad range of technical skills. But I am not a technician alone. I have deep love of learning and teaching over the years spent considerable amount of time learning good pedagogy specifically effective teaching through technology.

See Sample of My Video Work below / I did this work alone from start to finish

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