Akira Kamiya -Educational Technology Consulting

My career aim is to put my technical knowledge and ability in uses that support and inspire those working in education. I believe that I am a very good teacher / professional development trainer. I am able to mix both technical expertise with teaching ability to offer a unique perspective on a variety of content areas. I have done extensive research in the area of learning, technology and brain science to be able to meld these technical topics into a plain language accessible format, with a people friendly style, that is popular amongst education practitioners all over Massachusetts. I have over 16 years of training experience, so I feel comfortable speaking both to large audiences and smaller single class room settings. But I take a "constructivist" approach to teaching and I always aim to have the audience interact with the content in some personally meaningful way.

I have a B.A. in Mathematics but most of my teaching and technical expertise has been acquired on the job.

At Cayman Systems, as a technical sales representative, in an effort to communicate on equal footing with engineering professionals, I had myself study office network technology and TCP/IP at a level comparable to a network technician. I found I was a much more successful sales person if I could speak their language convincingly. But after awhile I found that I wanted to do more than have conversations and sell equipment.

After this leaving there, I was able to put this knowledge into practice at both Somerville Community Access TV and the Adult Literacy Resource Institute at UMass Boston, where I helped plan, and implement the office network infrastructure. I also handled all desktop computer maintenance in mixed platform environments that included Windows and Mac users. At the ALRI, I was also tasked with installing and supporting a Microsoft Small Business Server network for our 10 user training lab. Through this experience, I became proficient in the basics of Microsoft Server configuration and maintenance.

At Somerville Community Access TV, I discovered that I had a natural inclination towards teaching and communicating with other adult learners about technical topics related to broadcast television production. I devoted my professional development time into becoming better and learning more about the work of video production and post production. Soon I had an opportunity to work in the area of technology and professional development, with SABES.

During my years with SABES, the System for Adult Basic Education Support, I was able to design and develop trainings to meet the needs teachers and tech coordinators dealing with the new challenges of how to integrate the computers, smart phones, and the Internet with the needs of class room teaching. Much of this was new territory when I started back in the middle 90s, so we sort of wrote the book as we went along. The only rule being the offering of project based learning opportunities and hands on equipment access.